About Me

Hi There,


Im Heather Lewis I am the founder and senior Therapist at Glam Eyez. I have a very unique story behind how i got into Beauty Therapy if your interested to know a bit more about me. In 2009 I was working in an accounts/admin role at a hotel. Id just had my daughter Hamida and was looking at ways to invest money. An Indian lady who regularly threaded my brows, told me one day at my brow appointment that she was looking for a new employer that hers was not treating her well.. This lady was such a beautiful kind hearted lady and also very highly skilled at her job so as you can imagine I was sad to hear she would be leaving. I then had an idea once I got home.. If I was to find a premises she could work for me! I would save my lovely friend from losing a job, I would save myself from losing my eyebrow threader and it would also make a good investment..

Fast forward 3 weeks and we were set up and ready to go. She was extremely happy working for me but my ambitions changed the more time I spent with her in the shop.

I started to book courses for myself to learn and Reema (my Indian lady) taught me the art of threading. At that time we were one of the only places offering the service in our city...

After a couple of years Reema needed to go back to her Home country of India. It was a very sad day when she left but I can assure you she taught me everything she knew before she left and still to this day she keeps in touch. Since her departure I have become id like to say obsessed with the beauty industry and have completed several courses. I wish to complete more and I'm always looking to update or renew my skillset. I absolutely Love my job, there isn't a day that I get out of bed and wish I didn't have to go.

I tell my clients I fell into beauty but in fact I Fell in love with beauty and I hope my clients can see this in my work xx 

Some of the services we offer at GlamEyez

  • Waxing

  • Threading 

  • Lash Extensions

  • Lash Uplift

  • Brow Lamination

  • Semi permanent Makeup

  • Dermal Fillers